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Unique Sound. Exceptional Performance.

We’re a professional Weddings & Events Band who are based in East Central Scotland.  We can provide you with all the support you need to make your event unique and special.  Please don’t hesitate to contact us directly with any questions, special requests, or for more information about the band, our performance experience, and our musical services.

Meet The Band!

Gemma - Lead Vocalist
Gemma is the lead vocalist of the band with a powerful and unique voice. She loves a great power ballad but also likes the rockier numbers too. A medley of Tina Turner songs is a favourite of hers as it always gets people up dancing. Gemma joined the LMS band in 2002 and after a brief hiatus to have a baby is back with Strike a Chord. No stranger to singing in front of an audience Gemma has been performing on stage since she was 7.

Alan - Lead Guitarist

Alan is our very own "Slash" He loves nothing more than a good guitar solo that he can get stuck into. As a very experienced lead guitarist ( we are talking about performing from the 80's) Alan can play anything, aren't we lucky! You will catch him plucking away when we are setting up and it always comes back to Johnny Cash's Folsom Prison riff - always!

Steve - Drummer
Steve is THE rhythm keeper. He holds us all together and we rely on him a lot. He originally joined the LMS band as the keyboard player at the age of 13 but despite his virtuosity on the keyboards Steve was basically a frustrated drummer and took over the drumming duties in 2002 and hasn't looked back since. He will be keeping our new lineup together like he always has! 

James - Keyboard and Accordion
James aka the fingers! He is a whizz on the keyboards and accordion and can play anything you request. With a keyboard the size of Susie, it has all the special effects that you can think of allowing us to do a lot more. Listen out for the great effects on the night. He is our string quartet, our second lead guitarist, our synth, our brass section and sometimes quite simply our piano player.

Susie - Backing Vocalist
Susie joined The LMS Band in 2011. She provides sweet, sweet harmonies to all of our tracks. Performing at both the young operatics and on stage from a young age, Susie is well versed in entertaining a crowd. You'll see her sporting a shiny new tambourine in the new lineup. 

Adrian - Bass Guitarist

Our bandana wearing bassist is the newest member of the band but not new to the bass. With over 30 years experience and a gig at Glastonbury Festival under his belt we have welcomed him with open arms. Pretty impressive. Through the years he has had a variety of influences including rock, blues, classical and latin.